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Coffee Industry

Coffee Industry

What We Measure

Green coffee beans

Green Coffee Beans
Reflectance Value

Roast Coffee

Roast Coffee Beans
SCAA roast color value

Ground coffee

Ground Roast Coffee Beans
SCAA ground roast value

At the beginning of the roasting cycle, the green beans color starts to shift to yellow and then to increasingly darker shades of brown.  This change in color shows the physical and chemical transformations that occur during roasting.

Coffee bean stages

Designed for Coffee Measurements

  • Accurately measure Reflectance and SCAA values
  • Data is time and date stamped with values identified
  • Spreadsheet format is used
  • Host computer can receive the data or read it

Benefits: Accurate data, available for historical analysis and no manual writing is needed.

Typical Return on Investment: 7 – 12 months

How We Compare

SCA number vs D reflectance for ground coffee

Engineering Units to SCAA
99.6% Accuracy

Our Customers

Elcafe C.A.
Passport coffee & Tea
Industria De Cafe
Mayorga Organics
Kittridge & Fredrickson
Mountain View Coffee
keffa Coffee
Sun Coffee Roasters


Specialty Coffee Association of America
Specialty Coffee Association of Europe

Our Equipment

Model 577(5G) Coffee Package

with or without connectivity


Coffee Sleeve


Light Coffee Plaque



Dark Coffee Plaque



580-PC Coffee Roast Quality Classification System