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580-PC Coffee Roast Quality Classification System

When it comes to quality coffee, controlling the roasting process is one of the most essentials steps in achieving the most desirable recipe.   At the beginning of the roasting cycle, the green beans color starts to shift to yellow and then to increasingly darker shades of brown.  This change in color shows the physical and chemical transformations that occur during roasting.

The Photovolt 580-PC Roast Color Classification System assists during the roasting process by measuring the color of roasted whole or ground beans.  The 580-PC is a reflectance meter that can be used at any stage during the roasting process to determine not only the reflectance value, but the relative SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) number of the batch.  Roast masters find it easier to follow their roast profile and create consistent batches with the help of the 580-PC.  Many roastmasters judge roast color by eye, which can lead to inconsistencies.  The 580-PC is specifically designed to measure ground or whole roast coffee beans.  Photovolt’s instruments are all NIST traceable, which means the measurement of color you receive is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies in Washington D.C..

Different from similar products in the marketplace, such as Agtron, the Photovolt 580-PC provides the most accurate, precise reading possible.  Because Photovolt Instruments has been in a leader in color analysis since 1939; our reflectance meters have a reputation for having extremely accurate readings that are NIST traceable, something no other competitor can offer.  The 580-PC has a warm-up time of 2-3 minutes and weighs only 6lbs, compared to other products on the market that take up to 24 hours to warm-up and weigh up to 30lbs.  It is because of Photovolt’s 75 years of research and development in the color analysis business we are able to create this state of the art product.

The roasting process is the most important step in achieving the perfect cup of coffee.  Is it during this process that the characteristics of the coffee flavors and aromas, which were previously locked inside the green bean, emerge and create the high quality coffee all your customers crave.  With the assistance of the Photovolt 580-PC, rest assure your roast has been through the most sophisticated color analysis available in today’s marketplace.

Model 580 System for Coffee- Digital Reflectance Meter with NIST traceable reflectance calibration, SCAA Roast Coffee Classification numbers.  Included Accessories: “D” Search Unit, traceable calibration plaques, amber filter, glass cuvettes and operating software.

MSRP $ 7,300.00

Part # 0258020