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Reflectance Equipment Details

Part No.FeatureDescriptionList Price
0257751-SBaseSingle Display Unit 0257751-S$3,800.00
0257751-DBaseDual Display Unit 0257751-D$4,250.00
0257750BaseBase in Stainless Steel consolet - IP 68 Rating Splashproof 0257750$6,500.00
0457710Search UnitY (includes black cavity standard, green filter and calibration plaque) 0457710$2,750.00
0457712Search UnitStainless Steel Y Search Unit 0457712$2,850.00
0457704Search UnitD search Unit Large Aperture 0457704$2,800.00
0457704-9Air Curtain"Y" search unit only 0457704-9$400.00
0457704-1PC InterfaceSerial USB or RS232 0457704-1$25.00
0457704-2Data SaveExcel format for data save 0457704-2$125.00
0457704-3Wi-FiWireless Network communications 0457704-3$95.00
0457704-4Data LinkRS 485 0457704-4$125.00
0457704-5Hands FreeFoot Pedal 0457704-5$275.00
0457704-6Hands FreeIndustrial Foot Pedal 0457704-6$325.00
0457704-73D Color CoordinatesL* a b 0457704-7$200.00
0457704-8IntegerInteger display of continuous measurement $ 0457704-8$50.00
0457704-10Calibration ServicesTwo Year calibration services 0457704-10$175.00
0457704-11Dual Coffe CalculationCalculations for roast beans and ground roast 0457704-11$150.00

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