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About Us

Photovolt Instruments was incorporated on December 26th, 1939 in New York, New York. The company was located on 1115 Broadway in the heart of Manhattan. At the time, Photovolt’s main instruments included pH meters, colorimeters and polarimeters. Although the company has since changed ownership, the core values of Reliability, Accuracy and Convenience have stayed forefront. In 2001 Nicholas Jermihov, an experienced electrical engineer with an impressive background in the engineering industry, acquired Photovolt Instruments. Jermihov moved Photovolt to Minneapolis, Minnesota where it remains headquartered to this day.

Photovolt Instruments has been an international supplier of quality laboratory instruments for pharmaceutical, biomedical, chemical, aerospace, transportation, food and beverage, cosmetic, instruments are used to measure moisture and the appearance of material.

Our History

December 26, 1939

Photovolt Instruments initial filing date was on December 26, 1939 in New York, New York. Photovolt was first located on 115 Broadway Ave, which has now become the most prominent street in New York.

1115 Broadway Ave New York, New York 10010

Once located in the heart of New York, Photovolt sat among some of the biggest companies in history. Located in a small office building, close to Madison Square Park and Fifth Avenue — Photovolt began what became the start of an internationally known engineering company. This prominent location was once home to well known socialites and businessmen, donning the streets of Manhatten. Some of the biggest names in retail now take up the space that was once home to many, and was the beginning of Photovolt Instruments.

A Look at Photovolt Instruments’ Vintage Advertisements

Take a look at some of Photovolt’s vintage advertisements throughout the years. Reflectance and moisture instruments have always been the key staple for the company. With time, technology has certainly become integrated within the units’ design to ensure the highest of quality and standards. Pricing has always been adapted throughout history, but take a look at some of these stunning numbers!