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Food Measurement

Food Measurement

Roast Coffee Color Measurement

At the beginning of the roasting cycle, the green beans color starts to shift to yellow and then to increasingly darker shades of brown.  This change in color shows the physical and chemical transformations that occur during roasting.


Pictured below: Model 580 System for Coffee- Digital Reflectance Meter with NIST traceable reflectance calibration, SCAA Roast Coffee Classification numbers.  Included Accessories: “D” Search Unit, traceable calibration plaques, amber filter, glass cuvettes and operating software.


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Additional Technical Information

  • Procedure for Set-up and Calibration of the 580-PC Reflectance Colorimeter
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French Fries

Photovolt’s 580-PC reflectance meter is used in the potato processing industry to measure the quality of frozen french fries, macerated chips and other potato products.  Photovolt has been a standard in potato measurement since the 80’s with publications dating back to 1973.Color measurements are an efficient, easy quality check in potato processing.  The Photovolt 580-PC makes important characteristics such as: uneven coloration, dark stem from sugar content and mottling easy to notice.

french fry color
Photovolt’s 580-PC reflectance meterPictured Above:
Photovolt 580-PC-S reflectance meter with D Search unit

577 Reflectance Meter with Y search unit, green color filter and 68% reflectance plaquePictured Above:
577 Reflectance Meter with Y search unit, green color filter and 68% reflectance plaque

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USDA Color values

USDA 1 > 44% Reflectance
USDA 2 = 35 to 44% Reflectance
USDA 3 = 26 to 34.9% Reflectance
USDA 4 < 25.9% Reflectance