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Details & Information:

Photovolt offers rental instruments to all customers.

Customers can rent our instruments on a weekly basis for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Evaluation of our product with their application prior to buying an instrument to see how it performs and whether it is appropriate for their application. The full rental cost can be applied to the purchase price of a unit.
  • Short term use of an instrument for a specific project.
  • Use of an instrument while the customer’s instrument is in for repair. The rental instrument is sent out to the customer and the instrument needing repair is sent back in the same shipping container. After repair the instrument is shipped back to our customer and the rental unit is sent back.

Don’t forget to check out our new Service Contract and Maintenance Service, which always keeps the instruments running at peak performance. It allows you to service your instruments at a convenient time rather than during a critical time in your operation. A regular maintenance program can also satisfy the ISO 9000 requirements for instrument calibration and maintenance.

Questions? Email us at sales@photovolt.com