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Details & Information:

We provide a free diagnosis for the problems we find and give our customers a quote for the repair. If the customer decides to proceed with the repair, the turn around time is typically 2-3 days. The customer is responsible for shipping costs in both directions.

Moisture Analyzers – Photovolt will repair and calibrate almost any coulometric Karl-Fischer moisture analyzer, including the Photovolt Aquatest 2010, 10, 8, 4, the CMA, the Aquapal, etc. We also offer a yearly maintenance contract on all of these instruments.  We can even repair some of the broken glassware, depending upon the exact damage to the piece.

Reflectometers 577PC,577A, 580 and 577 – and their associated search units are also calibrated and repaired. Yearly maintenance contracts are available for both the 577PC and 577A. We provide standard Reflectometer Plaque Recalibration as needed.

Can’t have any Down Time? – For customers who need an instrument continuously for their operation and need the instrument repaired, we offer rental instruments for a weekly fee. The instrument is sent out to a customer and the instrument needing repair is sent back in the same shipping container. After repair the instrument is shipped back to our customer and the rental unit is sent back.

Don’t forget to check out our NEW Service and Maintenance Contract, which always keeps the instruments running at peak performance. It allows you to service your instruments at a convenient time instead of during a critical time in your operation. A regular maintenance program can also satisfy the ISO 9000 requirements for instrument calibration and maintenance.