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Upgrade 577(5G) 0258022

New Components:

1. Sensor
2. Search Unit Cable & Connectors
3. Interface Cable
4. Sensor PC Board
5. Modify Main Board
6. Bulb and Bracket
7. Front Panel
8. Rear Panel
9. 4 Hours of Labor

Photovolt’s latest version of the 577 reflectometer series, Model 577-PC, is more capable and less expensive than Model 577 and 577-A. The 577-PC includes a powerful embedded computer, which allows for many new features and benefits. The instrument is housed in either a splash-proof stainless steel box ($3,450) or Photovolt’s standard blue housing unit ($2,500). Similar to the original 577, the 577-PC includes an easy-to-read LED display, durable solid-state construction and one-button calibration.

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MSRP $ 1,800.00

Part # 0258022