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Aquatest 2010-R 0092010-R

Aquatest 2010 (No Reagents)

Complete system with main unit, titration vessel, diaphram type generator cartridge, sensing electrode, straight vent tube, stir bar, 1 mL sample syringe with needle, indicating silica gel, sealing grease, pennyhead stopper for gas port, thermal paper (5 rolls/pkg),  and instruction manual. For operation on 110V/220v, 50/60 Hz.

• Full-featured, user-friendly operating system.  Multiple RS-232C ports for system expansion, simultaneously interfacing both a balance & a computer.
• Quick & accurate moisture analysis, provides maximum isolation of solutions from atmospheric moisture.
• Optional Vaporizer analyzes challenging materials like lyophilized proteins, pharmaceutical powders or biomedical, pharmaceutical & plastic industry solids.
• GLP software, includes statistics, diagnostics & reagent monitoring packages.
• Made in the USA

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Part # 0092010-R