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Photovolt’s Colorimeter
Using Color Measuring Instruments

577-PC Reflectance Colorimeter Full Size

One of our best-selling products here at Photovolt Instruments are ourreflectance colorimeters product line. They provide highly accurate measurements for the assessment of colors in industries such as; paper, textiles, food items (like coffee or french fries), liquids and minerals.

For over 75 years, we have been an industry leader in manufacturing color measuring instruments. Designed for the ease-of-use, users do not have to be a color measurement specialist to operate the equipment. All of our units are rugged and reliable while providing unparalleled accuracy.

A Few Common Uses

The Food Industry

When it comes to food, both color and appearance play an important role in the selection and presentation of a product. To accurately measure the color for both eye appeal as well as the finished product – our Model 580-PChelps clients maintain better quality control with consistent reproduction of a desired color and taste in food preparation. One examples of this include whole & ground roasted coffee beans. At the beginning of the roasting cycle, the green beans color starts to shift to yellow and then to increasingly darker shades of brown.  This change in color shows the physical and chemical transformations that occur during roasting.


In addition to coffee, other foods such as potatoes for french fries, tomatoes for pasta sauces, egg yolks, salmon and raw meats are also measured for both quality control as well as aesthetics for presentation. For our clients in the food manufacturing business maintaining a consistent color of their products is vital. Not only does this provide a better looking & tasting product but it helps build brand loyalty amount consumers knowing they can be confident to receive a consistent level of excellence in the products they purchase.


Another popular use of our 577 Model Reflectance Colorimeter (pictured at the top) is within the chemical production industry. Chemicals are used throughout a wide variety of consumer good products and are important aspect of every day life. One example of this is seen in the process of measuring a detergent or cleaning product’s effectiveness.

Plastic detergent bottles. Cleaning products.
close up of male cleaning stain on carpet

Being able to accurately measure the effectiveness of one’s product helps not only guarantee a level quality control but also provide scientific data to back a company’s claim to be better than a leading competitor. The liquid detergent & cleaning supply market is highly competitive and so insuring performance and consistency are vital to maintaining customer loyalty.

To evaluate the cleaning power of a detergent, typically soiled samples are measured for reflectance color, washed in detergent, then measured again. This can often be compared to a leading brand’s performance to provide superiority.


Color Board

Over the years the paper industry has been one of the most popular industries for the use of color measuring instruments. The desire for reliability and accuracy in printing an exact color is of greatest importance to paper manufactures. Printing paper, greeting cards, and items like paint color samples are all beneficiaries of having specific and accurate measurements. 

Similar to what can be said for both food & cleaning chemicals – insuring accuracy and consistency for customers plays a vital role in the success of a paper manufacture. Accuracy helps create satisfied customers which in turn can help build brand loyalty for a business.

Finding The Right Color Measuring Instrument For Your Business

As we mentioned earlier in our piece, we have over 75 years experience as an industry leader in manufacturing color measuring instruments. And we help businesses across the world provide better quality products to their consumers by insuring accuracy and reliability through a testing process. If you have any questions or would like some more information regarding our colorimeter product line you can call us at 952-848-2000 e-mail sales@photovolt.com or use our contact form to reach out to us 24/7.