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Photovolt Returns From IFT 2016

IFT 2016

Chicago, IL, July 2016 – Last month McCormick Place hosted the 2016 Institute of Food Technology (IFT) Expo. 1,500 exhibits and 23,000+ attendees represented food professionals from around the world. Everyone from trendsetters in product development to senior-level executives from the world’s top food companies attended the 3-day event. The brightest minds gathered to discuss the latest global trends and newest of innovations in food technology. And included in the exhibits was first time participant Photovolt Instruments who presenting their 580-PC stainless steel unit for food applications within the new exhibitor pavilion.

IFT Photovolt Booth in 2016
IFT Photovolt Booth - 2016

IFT16 Was A Breakthrough

Photovolt Instruments prepared for the expo by bringing multiple industry samples including; coffee, potato chips, and dry powders. By having a wide variety of samples they were able to tailor demos specifically to each of the different food industries. Overall they found the IFT16 Expo to be a breakthrough for Photovolt’s future.

“There was a massive amount of foot traffic and we were certainly getting noticed. People were blown away by what our 580PC unit could do. We’ve been waiting to tackle the food industry and we feel like we jumped in at a great point.” says Alex Hildreth, President of Photovolt Instruments. “Not only did we receive positive feedback from some of our existing customers, we’re now getting samples sent to us to see how we can help future customers. We plan on going back every year.”

Looking Ahead

As a result of the IFT16 Expo, Photovolt Instruments sees great potential ahead within the food industry. Recent adjustments in their 580PC instrument allows them to deliver a product that matches the full functionality of their competitors at a fraction of the cost. As a result Photovolt plans to build off the success of IFT16 by finding more niche food expos to attend down the road. Most noteworthy in this list is one of the largest potato expos being held in Las Vegas early 2017.

“Expos are definitely the best way to promote. We get to introduce ourselves, they get to see the instruments, see them in action and are blown away by what they can do. IFT has shown us we have a big future in the food industry.” 

– Alex Hildreth, President of Photovolt Instruments