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New 580-PC
For Food Application

Photovolt’s new 580-PC was designed specifically for the food industry.  Many applications have specific calculated values based on color-measurement.  Examples of some of these are:  Munsell readings for French Fries (developed by the USDA) color of roast coffee (formulated by SCAA), and certain L*a,b readings.  The 580-PC has a dual read-out screen that allows the user to view the reflectance reading, and a second reading of their choice.  These readings vary from application to application and can be designed by the user.  The 580-PC is a rugged instrument designed for 24/7 operation in harsh environments.  The 580-PC is easy to use and provides extremely accurate measurements.  All values can be stored on a local flash drive, or transmitted to a host PC using Excel format.  Click here to learn more about the unit.