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Introducing Photovolt Instruments’ New 577 (5G) Stainless Steel Reflectance Instrument

Photovolt Instruments is thrilled to announce the new arrival of our stainless steel 577 (5G) reflectance instrument Photovolt Instruments' Stainless Steel 577 (5G) unit is capable of measuring potato slabs, macerated chips, fried potatoes and French fries. Color filters ensure measurements precisely mimic the color responses of the human eye.

Another key feature is calculation of Munsell number and L*, a, b numbers. Data measurements are stored in Excel format. In addition, the data can be uploaded to a host computer, saving valuable time and energy. Bluetooth allows displaying of all the data on a smart device (iPhone, Android or similar). 

We provide the most new and improved products on the market. With our instruments, you never have to worry about harsh elements. Our tough exterior protects from wind, water, and more. As a provider of quality moisture and reflectance systems, we help companies achieve consistent and accurate measurements for their products.

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