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Reflectance Colorimeters & Brightness Meters

577-PC Reflectance Colorimeter Full Size

For over 75 years, Photovolt Instruments has been an industry leader in manufacturing color measurement systems. Designed for the ease-of-use, the user does not have to be a color measurement specialist. All Photovolt units are rugged and reliable while providing unparalleled accuracy.

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KF Coulometric Moisture Analyzers & Reagents

Aquatest 100 with Glasswhere and Reagent Kit Full Size

Photovolt manufactures easy to use, reliable and rugged coulometric titration instruments. We offer a full line of high-quality glassware and reagents to accompany our titrators. The Photovolt Aquatest™ 2010 & 1010 has been used by the US military and Department of Defense for decades.

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