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577 New High Tech Laboratory Light Upgrade

1. Base Unit.  Internal electronics need upgrade to handle the new light source and photo diodes.  The conversion is from current measurement to voltage measurement.  There is a need for different poser requirements to the search unit.
2. Search Unit.  Likewise there electronic changes internal to the search unit modernizing key components. Selenium is replaced with an array of monolithic photodiodes and a single supply Trans impedance amplifier.  The most modern and reliable approach
3. Light source is a high quality laboratory light, cartridge style, focused end lens and a rated work life of 12,500 hours.
4. Mechanical and electrical changes are necessary for the search unit.
5. Both the base and search unit need to be shipped to PVI.
6. Price: $ 950 (provided the unit is in good operating order)

MSRP $ 950.00

Part # 0258025