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Aquatest 1010 with glassware and reagent kit (diaphragmless generator)

NEW! The Aquatest 1010 is now available with regular or diaphragmless generator cells at the same price, using both new single part pyridine as well as chloroform free reagents. No more clogged generator frit or cleaning ever!

  • A small, low cost unit that features a small 5″ bench width & weighing only 5 lbs.
  • Similar sensitivity & precision specifications as the classic Aquatest 2010.
  • Cabled terminal/display unit can be wall or bench mounted.
  • New Greaseless glassware eliminates ground joint glassware freeze-up.
  • Optional stand-alone printer uses a RS-232 interface. Interface can connect to computer for data collection.
  • Quick & accurate analysis, provides maximum isolation of solutions from atmospheric moisture.
  • Available with yearly maintenance/service contract.
  • Over 10% discount when purchasing glassware & reagent starter kit at the same time.
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MSRP $ 6,300.00

Part # 0091017