What our customers think.

“The Bernd Group want[s] to acknowledge your superb performance in handling this order, but especially regarding the shipment to Yuma. Despite numerous changes, you and everyone at Photovolt adapted to get this critical order delivered in record time. We also appreciate your creative solution to the backordered reagent kits and the impressive communication from start to finish.”
-The Bernd Group
The Bernd Group specializes in steamlining supply chains for high tech manufacturers.



We have had the Photovolt meter for at least 20 years. In our division of STERIS, we utilize it when testing raw materials. You were chosen because of the reliability!”


STERIS, a global leader in innovative healthcare, provides infection protection and contamination control to thousands of customers in more than 60 countries.



“This unit is the best water tester I have used in 30 years [of] testing.”

-Petrochemical Operations, Certispec

Certispec, an independent company that specializes in risk reduction and risk management, offers accurate inspection, sampling, surveying and testing of marine habitats.