577-A Reflectance Colorimeter

Photovolt’s American-made 577A and 577-AS and are designed to simplify the determination of appearance characteristics. This rugged portable instrument is easy to operate, sets up in just minutes & has unparalleled flexibility. The unit can be used with a Y or D search unit and of the 3 Tristimulus FIlters (Amber, Green and Blue) for color, reflectance and opacity or with the W Search unit (Blue) for paper brightness. Calibration of the unit is performed with a traceable reflectance standard.

One can read percent reflectance directly from a sample by using any one of Photovolt’s standard “search (optical) unit” packages. With the Model 577A it becomes easy to measure color, opacity, hiding power, brightness and tristimulus reflectances.

With the touch of a button, the Model 577A will automatically reconfigure itself for changes in the Tristimulus Filters. The Model 577-A has applications that conform to ASTM, TAPPI, & ISO standards.

Product Specifications

HEIGHT: 5.0 inches/ 12.7 cm
WIDTH:  10.0 inches/ 25.4 cm
LENGTH: 12.0inches/ 30.48 cm
WEIGHT:  9 pounds/ 4.1kg
ELECTRICAL:  110-120 VAC/ 220-240 VAC 50-60Hz
F– USES:  1.0A/ 0.5A
ANALOG OUTPUT: Recorder 0-1.00 VDC
DIGITAL OUTPUT: RS-232C 9600bps (optional)

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Photovolt Search Units

Photovolt offers three different search units for specific applications, allowing the precise measurement of sample color characteristics when used in conjunction with the Photovolt Model 577PC or 577-A.

Search Units 'Y' or 'D'

SEARCH UNITS “Y” OR “D” use tristimulus filters and measure diffuse reflectance, paper opacity or hiding power. The “Y” unit has a 0.81″ aperture. The “D” unit has a 3″ aperture.

Search Unit 'W'

The SEARCH UNIT “W” comeswith a preinstalled blue filter designed to measure paper brightness.